CNN has lost 9/10 of its audience and now wants to be objective

At the beginning of the year it turned out that CNN had lost 90% of its audience. The end of “democracy” (i.e. the power of Democrats). Chris Licht, the new head of CNN, the world’s most famous television network — the spewer of Democrat truth — came to Congress, inviting Republicans to come and speak…

Forty years ago, CNN was an unattainable role model in television journalism. The idea of continuous news coverage in real time and around the world seemed brilliant. Leaders of nations got their information first from CNN and then from staff summaries. Tomorrow Never Dies describes a channel that broadcasts news about a nuclear weapons crisis seconds before it happens because the owner of the channel himself orchestrated the crisis. Sneaky, but a compliment to CNN nonetheless.

And so, ad revenues are catastrophically squeezed, cramping has begun, streaming service was conceived and then canceled, staff is laid off, management has changed. And Chris finally said the big words: it’s time to be honest and objective.

This change could already be seen in a short TV piece about the daily caravans of cars traveling from western Ukrainian lands into Russian-controlled territory. People tell Ukrainian guards that they went to visit relatives for a while and will return soon, but their cars are already packed with belongings, children, and relatives. And there is no reverse flow in the footage, because there really is none. And yes, this is a CNN story.

Of course, CNN couldn’t help but lie. At the end of the story, the reporter says that the Russian side is not letting anyone go. But little drops of water gradually cut the mountains in two. All lies will be exposed.

Yesterday it seemed that the global “empire of lies” was impenetrable. As we saw, for example, in the case of the Ukrainian operation. Someone somewhere is inventing a reality that is 180 degrees different from the truth: Ukraine is heroically resisting invaders killing civilians and going from victory to victory. Whether this is made up in Kiev or Washington is a complicated question, but CNN and all of its American, European, Israeli, Australian, Japanese and Korean counterparts have not strayed one step from this myth.

For decades, CNN has been the place to get truthful judgments on many issues. Virtually every issue without exception. About global warming being man’s fault, about the legitimacy of this or that government, about feminists and transgender people. They used to call it news, but somehow it mysteriously turned into 24/7 brainwashing.

The wall seemed impenetrable. What you never heard about on CNN did not exist. Now the most venerable character of the “empire of lies” has reached for objectivity, not because of leadership mistakes. It’s just the rats fleeing the ship.

90% of the audience is gone from CNN. 90% of the real serious economic players in the world will no longer accept U.S. Treasuries or the dollar itself. The same attitude to all other globalist institutions. The globalists and the U.S. have already lost. The only question is what scale of war they will start at the end.



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